Ed’s Topics

Below are some prepared presentations on specific issues that Ed can address. However, he can speak on various life issues in various situations. Please contact Ed at eszeto@speaking4life.com to discuss other topics and formats.

Martin Luther on the Life Issues (60 min., high school to adult)
Did Martin Luther write anything that applies to today’s life issues? Absolutely! Take a look at what Luther wrote on creation, sexual purity, life, and death. We will also explore what today’s society says about these issues, take a look at the timeless truths, derived from God’s never-changing truth, and see how Lutherans can respond to our fellow Christians.

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia (40 min., adult)
This presentation talks about the attitudes behind those who favor assisted suicide and euthanasia, and includes discussion of the physician-assisted suicide legislation in Oregon, the only state to legalize assisted suicide. The presentation ends with a discussion on how Christians and the church look at these end-of-life issues.

Are Life Issues Just Political or Social Issues? (45 min., high school to adult)
This presentation begins with a quick review of societies that do not recognize God, and how they treat human life. There are brief discussions about how these societies have condoned human sacrifice. The worldview look ends with Nazi Germany and how the Nazis treated those “unworthy of life.” The discussion then focuses on what a Christian’s view of life should be, as framed by God’s Word. The presentation continues with a discussion of various life issues that are called political (abortion), social (pre-marital sex and marriage), medical (embryonic stem cell research, assisted suicide, euthanasia), scientific (human cloning), and legal (advance directives). Through it all, the audience is challenged to answer a fundamental question: “Are life issues just political or social [or medical or scientific or legal] issues?”

Sexual Purity (45 min., grade 6 to high school)
This presentation begins with the basics on why human life is precious (created and redeemed by God.) Since we were bought with a price, we discuss the basics of why sexual purity is important. It also examines the reason we should be concerned with how we dress. This presentation also looks at what it means to be men who are chivalrous. This presentation was written by Ed Szeto and is based on several works by Rev. Dr. James Lamb and Linda Bartlett.

The Basics on Advance Directives (25 min., adult)
This presentation is based on a Lutherans For Life (LFL) brochure of the same title, and other LFL brochures by Rev. Dr. James Lamb and Linda Bartlett. Additional information includes definitions of certain legal terms used in advance directives. The presentation also includes a discussion of how living wills may eventually lead to legalized euthanasia. The presentation was prepared by Stacey Harding and Ed Szeto.

The Facts of Life and Death (60 min., high school to adult)
This presentation covers all the life issues we face today. It gives the facts behind what you read in the headlines and provides you with practical answers to objections people usually bring up. The presentation was prepared by Ed Szeto.