De-stigmatizing Abortion?

Over the years of speaking about abortion, I’ve learned that words have power and the person who can frame the words’ meanings often can control the conversation.  That’s why I prefer the term “pro-life” instead of “anti-abortion,” because I’m not just against abortion, I stand for the sanctity of human life at all stages of development and at all ages.

I’ve also used the term “pro-abortion” instead of “pro-choice” because, if we’re honest, the only choice that we’re talking about is the choice of abortion. But some people have tried to persuade me from using “pro-abortion” because they don’t really think people are for abortion, they’re just for “reproductive choice,” which would include abortion.

Not any more. There really are people who are pro-abortion and these people want to de-stigmatize it. Recently, The Washington Post ran an article about a new abortion clinic that opened in the Washington, D.C., area with the flippant tagline of: “Abortion. Yeah, we do that.”

The article states that “staff members plan to greet clients with warm teas, comfortable robes and a matter-of-fact attitude.” Well, even I would admit that is a welcome change from abortion clinics like Kermit Gosnell’s with outdated medical equipment; dirty, unsterilized medical instruments; and women being left to bleed-out in the recovery room. You can read a summary of the “House of Horrors” here and, in case you doubt it, the grand jury indictment can be downloaded here.

Let’s get something straight, an abortion ends a human life, no if’s, and’s, or but’s. It often involves tearing a human being limb by limb from what is supposed to be the safest place on Earth, the mother’s womb. In a time when everyone wants to be “transparent” and “informed consent” is the rule for any medical procedure, those who are pro-abortion now want to make you think abortion is a nice day at the spa where all your troubles will be washed away.

Those who are pro-abortion want to “be unapologetic” and make it seem “normal” to purposely “[end] a pregnancy” and that aborting a baby should be seen as “moral.” So here’s the latest attempt to de-stigmatize abortion and to make it seem normal while being unapologetic. Tell me what you think about this advertisement.

Personally, I think that treating abortion so flippantly is insulting to women and their intelligence. For years, the pro-choice folks have said that abortion isn’t a decision that’s made lightly and they understand the choice they are making. Well, who is really taking the abortion decision lightly? Apparently the pro-abortion folks.

Women deserve better than the choice to kill their own children.

Make the Woman Look Good


Words of wisdom on the role of a husband from someone I greatly admire. I still have much to learn, it’s a good thing my wife is so patient.

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When my wife and I started dance lessons some years ago I remember our dance teacher saying to me, “Your job as a man is to make your wife look good when she dances.” I was taken back by that and wondered to myself, “Why is it my responsibility to make her look good? That’s her job, not mine!” Apart from the fact that I didn’t think I looked all that good myself as a dancer, it seemed a lot to ask of me to take responsibility for making her look good too. I eventually learned that what he was trying to tell me is that I needed to work on over-coming my own flaws in dancing in order for her to recognize and work on hers. When I did, so did she, and we both improved in our dancing and in our relationship together as husband and wife.


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Fifty Shades of Deceptive Grey

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50 shades of greyold fashioned movieIt has been said that good is opposed to evil in such a way that a good thing always eliminates evil as far as it can.

This Valentine’s weekend, we have the opportunity to choose a good thing and, in doing so, help eliminate evil as far as we can. I can promise you that our sons, daughters, and grandchildren will be better for it.

Fifty Shades of Grey, based on the book trilogy, will be showing this weekend in theaters across the country. But, in my hometown (and perhaps in yours), so will the movie Old Fashioned. The contrast between the two is black and white. The one slides into evil. The other strives for what is good.

The contrast, I think, is best illustrated by the leading man in each story. Men fascinate me, perhaps because I believe that God has created them to be the defenders…

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The False Idol of Desiring Healthy Children

Three parent embryos, that is, embryos with three genetic parents…wait a minute…how can a child have three genetic parents?…what does this mean? The technology is not new, it’s been around for years. What is new is that the British government voted last week to allow this type method to be used on human embryos.

Reading the comments and the letters to the editor in the Telegraph (UK newspaper), you can see the arguments going back and forth: one side says this is a “playing God” while the other side accuses Christians of being “uncaring” towards childless parents or ignorant of science. To (hopefully) clarify things a little, I’ll explain what one of these three embryo processes entails.

The first thing to understand is that in the area surrounding the nucleus of an embryo exists what is called mitochondrial DNA. We’ve long been told that our DNA comes from our mother and our father and that all the genetic material needed to create you was contained in the sperm and the ovum. But there’s more than just the genetic material in the nucleus; we now know that the mitochondrial DNA in the embryo directly affects the DNA in the nucleus, thus, if unhealthy mitochondria is present, then genetic diseases or birth defects will be passed into the nucleus DNA.

So, what’s the technique for creating three parent embryos and why all the brouhaha? You start with the parents’ embryo that has unhealthy mitochondria. In parallel, you get a donor embryo with healthy mitochondria. Obviously, these are all created via in vitro fertilization (IVF), which presents it own set of ethical issues—such as creating more than you need and leaving some in frozen storage (cryopreservation), or rejecting embryos based on a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis that points to a genetic disease being present, or tossing out the embryo that is the “wrong” sex.

In step 2, you remove the nucleus from the parents’ embryo as well as removing the nucleus from the donor embryo. The donor embryo nucleus is destroyed (i.e., killed—a human life is ended). In step 3, you put the parents’ nucleus into the donor’s denucleated embryo. The nucleus continues to develop and you (hopefully) get a healthy baby.

Here’s a simple graphic from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority that shows one way that a three parent embryo can be created.

The process for creating a three parent embryo. Source: Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

The process for creating a three parent embryo. Source: Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

Don’t forget that you probably won’t do this to just one embryo because you want to increase the chance of success. Just as in the regular IVF process, multiple three parent embryos will likely be created, and several of them will either be tossed due to genetic deficiencies that crop up after step 3 or kept in limbo through cryopreservation.

In the discussions I’ve seen so far, no one has decried the killing of the donor’s embryo, which is a human life being sacrificed for the idol of having a healthy baby. All the supporters merely point out that either: a) I should be able to have a baby (or a healthy baby) if I want to; or b) why don’t you want to help these poor men and women who can’t have a baby (or a healthy baby). The fact that you have to purposely end a human life in order to have that healthy baby is what’s fundamentally wrong with this procedure. One life is deemed unworthy of life and it is being ended and discarded simply so that another, more “fitting,” life may continue.

Desiring healthy children is not, in and of itself, a false idol. But when we start doing whatever it takes to ensure that we have healthy children, including ending other human life, then it has become an idol.

What does that say about us as a society?

Updated: February 10, 2015 at 11:48 a.m. EST

#50Shades of Shame – Women, Pornography & the Church

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The Facebook page has over 8 MILLION likes. But then, depravity has its minions. 50 Shades of Grey book and movie is the latest so-called ‘mommy porn’ that has also made its way to the women of the Church, and quite easily. How did Christian women get to that point?

Everything starts somewhere, there is a beginning to everything…pornography addiction, women and the church is no exception.

A preteen sees her grandmother reading paperback novels every day. Having never been a ‘reader’, this preteen asks about the books Grandma reads all the time. Grandma says that it’s nothing important, just something to while away the time. She had many hours to fill since she was wheelchair-bound, over 65 and on a fixed income. She said that she and her friends and neighbors would trade books all the time so they wouldn’t have to buy any. But the funny thing was….that…

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