DAYS OF MOLECH: Child Sacrifice at University of Michigan

The assault on human life continues when we justify the purposeful killing of a person in the name of science. That’s exactly what the Nazis doctors said to justify the killing and mutilation of Jews (e.g. exposing genitals to radiation to see how that would affect them). Don’t try to use the excuse that embryos don’t look like a human being or they’re just at the early stages, either ALL human life has inherent dignity no matter what stage of development or NO human life has inherent dignity. Make up your mind on which side of the line you stand.

I’m certainly not a doctor, but I’m finding it awfully hard to digest this propaganda PUKE. How can any mother sacrifice her own children to further own agenda…let me ask you this: Would you hand over your born children to be dissected to further science? I mean, are they your children even as embryos or just disposable imperfect trash?

“It was just the responsible, right thing to do,” she said of the donation she and husband, Stephen, made to the University of Michigan. “The idea of being able to help (researchers) get just a little bit closer to a cure is a good feeling.” Read the rest here.

At one time, I bled MICHIGAN MAIZE & BLUE until I found out the truth of the University of Michigan and their hand in furthering the abortion agenda and culture of death.

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