The Murder of George Tiller

There was sad news over the weekend and it bodes ill for committed pro-life folks who want to honor and protect human life.  George Tiller was murdered yesterday morning. For those who don’t know, George Tiller was an abortionist who had no qualms performing abortions at any time during a pregnancy, including late-term abortions.

However, the pro-life community grieves that a vigilante would take matters into his own hands and fatally assault Tiller. Murder is never a right response to a situation, regardless of the victim and the motive. A good commentary is found on the WORLD Magazine website. Unfettered violence against those who perform violence is never the answer. Instead, prayers for those who would harm one of God’s children and peaceful discussion and education would go much further to end the scourge on our land known as legalized abortion-on-demand.

My prayer for Tiller is: “May God have mercy on his soul.”

On another note, even though the police have stated that they believe the murderer acted on his own volition, there are those in the pro-abortion camp who will not hesitate to brand all pro-life individuals as radicals who go around shooting people who don’t agree with them. Unfortunately, this is in concert with how the Department of Homeland Security has previously depicted the pro-life community. Rather than coming together to condemn the actions of a misguided individual, some want to use this sad event to vilify opponents of abortion-on-demand.

Both sides need to see that violence only begets violence. Unfortunately, as long as the violence of legalized abortion-on-demand exists in this nation, we will also live with the possibility that individuals will wrongly resort to violence in an errorneous attempt to stop violence.

Addendum: LCMS Life Ministries issued a statement on the murder, click here to read it.