New National Pro-Life Religious Council Resources

As part of my duties with the Life Ministries group of LCMS World Relief and Human Care, I have the great pleasure of participating in meetings of the National Pro-Life Religious Council (NPRC).  This is a group of Christian pro-life groups working together to get the message out that the life issues should connect all Christians, regardless of denominational (or non-denominational) affiliation.

That’s because at the heart of all the life issues is this irrefutable fact: human life is precious and valuable because God created it and Jesus Christ died for it. The members of the NPRC include LCMS World Relief and Human Care, Presbyterians Pro-Life, Lutherans For Life, Anglicans for Life, Priests for Life, Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, LifeWatch (United Methodist Church), CEC for Life (Charismatic Episcopal Church), United Church of  Christ for Life, National Right to Life Committee, and others.

In our efforts to promote ecumenical resources, we have published books and a quarterly newsletter. Click here to see the NPRC information page hosted by the Outreach department of the National Right to Life Committee.  We also have two new on-line resources.

The first is the Pro-Life Prayer Campaign.  We ask that you pray daily for the wonderful gift of human life and to ask for God to show you how you can make a difference.  The prayer can be found by clicking here. Check back often as we will post new prayers at different times of the year.

The second on-line resource is to help pastors with suggestions of pro-life themes they can incorporate into their sermons. Click here to see the current “pro-life preaching hints.”

I hope these new resources will help you to share the love of God for human life.

Silencing the Pro-Life Movement

The first time my friend invited me to attend a Lutherans For Life meeting, my immediate thought was, “I don’t want anything to do with those pro-life nuts.” Running through my mind were pictures of abortion clinics being bombed and abortionists being shot. I also thought of hate-filled protesters shouting and throwing things. I didn’t want to be involved in any of that stuff. And I’m glad to say that after being involved in the life issues for over 12 years, I haven’t been involved in any of those activities.

But that’s the way the media portrays pro-life groups and people. I’m not saying there have never been extreme actions perpetrated by individuals who didn’t quite understand what being “for life” is all about. It’s taken many years and many words to teach people, including pastors, that most pro-life folks love human life and they don’t want to hurt anyone, even someone committing a grievous sin like abortion. Most pro-life folks I know believe life is precious because God created that life and Jesus Christ died for that life. Most pro-life folks that I know believe that the best way to reach those on the other side of the abortion debate is to extend a hand of love with the Good News of Jesus Christ. And all pro-life folks that I know condemn the violent actions that a few misguided individuals have taken. It’s taken many years and many words to dispel the image of the violent “anti-abortion” protester that the media created by only focusing on the negative actions of a few extremists.

And now it looks like we’ll be re-educating all over again.

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