Plan B for 15-year-olds

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you need a prescription for the regular hormonal birth control pills, why doesn’t a higher dose of hormonal birth control pill–marketed as Plan B–need a prescription?

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has lifted the restriction on girls younger than 17 requiring a prescription to purchase Plan B over the counter. You can read here my objections to Plan B.

Teresa A. Donovan, MPH, writing for Charlotte Lozier Institute, the education and research arm of the Susan B. Anthony List, posted an interesting cli_logocommentary about the possible health risks from using Plan B. However, before listing some of the risks from taking a high dose of hormonal birth control, Donovan notes:

Various studies demonstrate that after a single act of intercourse, without contraception, 7.2 to 8 percent of women may be expected to become pregnant.  In contrast, pregnancy rates among women using “emergency contraception” (Yuzpe method, Plan B, Preven, etc.) are “reduced” to 1.9 percent.

In other words, out of 100 women who participate in  unprotected sex, 92 will not get pregnant. And if all 100 women used emergency contraception, 2 will still get pregnant. So, the push for Plan B to be sold over the counter and to be sold to minors is a great marketing scheme because 94 percent of the women who have unprotected sex and use emergency contraception will derive no benefit from the drug. It makes you wonder why a federal judge would want the FDA to approve the sale of a drug to all girls, regardless of age, which does not benefit them (click here to read article).

On top of that, no one talks about the potential health risks from ingesting high doses of synthetic hormones that target the women’s brain. Donovan writes about how harmful large doses of synthetic hormonal steroids (of which many types of emergency contraception are made) to the person ingesting it. She concludes by writing:

Plan B and other forms of “emergency contraception” are designed to thwart the normal functioning of the female endocrine and reproductive systems, beginning with – and, indeed, targeting — the brain.

Folks, wake up and smell the coffee, please. Emergency contraception is not women’s healthcare, on the contrary, it is likely to contributes to more health problems in the women who use it. It’s bad enough that it is now available to 15-year-olds with no medical supervision what-so-ever, but some people want girls of any age to have access to these potentially harmful drugs with no medical supervision.

You can read the entire blog post by clicking here.

The Nazi Plan Step 2

This is part 4 of my thoughts from The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert Jay Lifton (click here to see it on  Click here to read part 3.

The second step of the Nazi plan that Dr. Lifton identified was the killing of “impaired” children in hospitals. It started innocently enough, midwives and physicians were asked to completed reports at the time of birth. The first reports asked for information where “‘serious hereditary diseases’ were ‘suspected’: idiocy and mongolism (especially when associated with blindness and deafness); microcephaly; hydrocephaly; malformations of all kinds, especially of limbs, head, and spinal columns; and paralysis, including spastic conditions.”(52)

Children who were labelled with a hereditary disease were continually evaluated until they eventually arrived in special wards “whose chiefs and prominent doctors were known to be politically reliable and ‘positive’ toward the goals of the Reich Committee.'”(53) The children were eventually killed in those wards.

Why did parents allow this to happen to their children? How can someone convince a parent that it would be better to kill his child than to let the child live? They used the idea where healing and killing were reversed. Lifton writes (54):

A doctor could tell a parent that “it might be necessary to perform a surgical operation that could possibly have an unfavorable result,” or explain that “the ordinary therapy employed until now could no longer help their child so that extraordinary therapeutic measures have to be taken.” Dr. Heinze, who used such phrases with parents, explained in court testimony that there had been truth to what he said: “A very excitable child . . . completely idiotic . . . could not be kept   quiet with the normal dose of sedatives,” so that “an overdose . . . had to be used in order to . . . avoid endangering itself through its own restlessness.” At the same time, “we physicians know that such an overdose of sedative, for children usually luminal . . . could cause pneumonia . . . and that this is virtually incurable.”

“Horrible,” you think to yourself. “Unconscionable,” you suggest. What if you were told that this happens everyday today in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom? What if you were told that anywhere between 85 to 92 percent of the babies diagnosed with Downs Syndrome in the U.S. were aborted? (Click here, here, or here for more information.) What if you were told that during the in vitro fertilization procedure, preimplantation genetic diagnosis is conducted on the embryo and those with Down Syndrome or some other genetic disease were discarded? (Click here for a recent article.)

Make no mistake, step 2 of the Nazi plan is alive and well as we abort babies or discard embryos just because they have some sort of genetic disease.

And don’t forget about making killing sound like healing. For example, how do pro-aborts talk about abortions and abortion-inducing drugs? They are considered as part of women’s healthcare. Opponents of abortion or mandatory insurance coverage for possible abortion-inducing drugs (e.g. Ella, Plan B, morning after pill) are vilified by the media and by pro-aborts as not caring for women’s health.

And how do the supporters of physician assisted suicide get it legalized? By saying this is a medical treatment that will help end the suffering of the patient. In physician assisted suicide, the person wanting to die gets a prescription that basically is an overdose of painkillers or sedatives. Does that sound familiar?

Yes, the tactics that the Nazis employed are still in use by those who want society to embrace death as a cure.

Update July 19, 2012.