The Face of Abortion

Abby Johnson is one of my heroes in the pro-life movement. For those who don’t know her story, here’s a brief synopsis: for many years she was pro-abortion; so much so that she was a volunteer, and eventually, an employee at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. In 2009, she left Planned Parenthood and began volunteering at the Coalition for Life. Since that time, she has spoken out and written books, blogs, and articles about the lies that Planned Parenthood tells women who come into their clinics and the public.

Today, she wrote a blog for recounting her second abortion. Her first abortion was surgical abortion, but for the second one, Abby opted for what she thought at the time was the “more ‘natural’ way to abort…the medication abortion.” Here’s an excerpt from her post:

Then came the excruciating pain again.  I jumped out of the shower and sat on the toilet.  Another lemon sized blood clot.  Then another.  And another.  I thought I was dying.  This couldn’t be normal.  Planned Parenthood didn’t ever tell me this could happen.  This must be atypical.  I decided that I would call them in the morning…if I didn’t die before then.  It was around midnight and I had been in the bathroom for a good 12 hours.  I knew I couldn’t leave yet.  I didn’t want to lay in the bed…the bleeding was too heavy.  And the clots were still coming; not as often, but they were still coming.  So, I decided to sleep on the bathroom floor that night…right by the toilet.  The cold floor felt good on my face. I was physically depleted, but I could not sleep.

There’s much more in her article. She had the courage to write about…will you have the courage to read it…and then do something about it? Click here to read the blog.