More Info about the LCMS and American Heritage Girls

The LCMS’ official newspaper, Reporter, published an online article last week about the memorandum of understand between the LCMS and American Heritage Girls (see The LCMS and American Heritage Girls).  Here is a quote in the article from Rev. Bart Day, executive director of LCMS Office of National Mission:

AHG is a wonderful organization that allows the local congregation to run the program and have oversight of all spiritual care for the troop. Shaping young women to be faithful Christians and strong citizens who care for the world and their neighbor are among the many laudable core tenets of AHG, so we want to strengthen our congregations’ participation with AHG and encourage others who might be interested in scouting for their girls.

And a quote in the article from the LCMS president, Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison:

The LCMS is delighted to be able to enter into this relationship with the American Heritage Girls. They stand for the kind of values that our church really thinks are important with respect to citizenship. Also, this is a way for us in our congregations to have a structure for reaching young girls and sharing Christ with them.

Read the full article, “LCMS, AHG reps sign ‘Memo of Understanding.”