Providing a Place of Refuge

Many times in our battle to end legalized abortion, those who are pro-life (or life advocates) are often accused of not helping or providing for those women who are pregnant and need resources. But that’s wrong.

There are an estimated 3,000 pregnancy resource centers spread throughout the US providing emotional, spiritual, and material support for women with unplanned pregnancies. These centers are there not only before the baby is born, but are often there after the babies are born as well. The three organizations with which nearly all of these centers are affiliated are Birthright International, Care Net, and Heartbeat International.

But there are other ways to help and one thing that I’ve always thought was urgently needed in our communities were maternity homes for pregnant women with no place to go. These homes aren’t necessarily for homeless women or women turned out from shelters; there are countless stories of young women being told by their parents or their boyfriends to either get an abortion or get out of the house. What choice is left for them?

A Place of Refuge

A Place of Refuge

Please check out these three Christian maternity homes in three different parts of the nation. I’m sure there are others out there worthy of mention but these three are near and dear to my heart because I either know the people who operate the home or the people who founded the home (or both).

On the Jersey Shore: Grace Initiatives

In South Wisconsin: A Place of Refuge

In Central Florida: Redeeming Life

Help and support Christian maternity homes in your area, and if there aren’t any, maybe it’s time to get one started.

2 thoughts on “Providing a Place of Refuge

    1. Evelyn, the first steps include: making sure you have support for a maternity home amongst your local churches; checking with state regulations as to what type of facilities (and what services are offered) require state certification or licensing; making sure there is an undeserved population in your area that would benefit from a ministry such as this; and waiting for the right time. I served on the board for a pregnancy resource center (PRC) when I lived in New Jersey and one of my personal desires was to get a maternity home started. The PRC never did go in that direction, but some people from the PRC did and the maternity home grew and continues to serve young pregnant women with no place to live on the Jersey Shore (Grace Initiatives that I noted in the blog post). I hope this information was helpful.

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