“Family Guy” and Abortion

If you don’t already read Jill Stanek’s blog, make sure you click here to read an interesting post regarding an episode of the animated series Family Guy about abortion that FOX-TV as decided not to air.

She has some interesting quotes by pro-abortion folks including the following. From jezebel.com:

Surely the episode will fit right into the other hilarious takes on women that Family Guy is so fond of, like, say, rape jokes, or shooting prostitutes as a form of “community service,” or punching them in the face as they cry, “I don’t understand! What did I do wrong?” You know, really hilarious stuff.

And from RHrealitycheck.org [regarding the episode not being aired]:

I’d hope the episode would be an opening salvo for more comics, artists and others to talk about this reality in women’s lives that, like all realities, has to contain fodder for humor.

Jill’s concludes by saying:

The interesting phenomenon is that the longer legalized abortion is with us, the more unfunny and tabooed it becomes. This indicates an increasing unease by everyone – even liberal Hollywood – with abortion. Ultrasounds show abortion kills children. Post-abortion mothers say abortion leaves deep scars. And how many silent post-abortive fathers – including writers, producers, and directors – know that to be true as well.

Maybe it’s just me, but…shouldn’t we wonder what has happened to our world when people who are pro-abortion, and purportedly advocates for all women, rather than decrying the callousness of shows that find humor in rape and shooting prostitutes,  actually want another assault against women (in this case abortion) to be the subject of crude and obscene jokes?

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