Condoms for First Graders

I was taking a break at the National Right to Life Convention and saw this little report on HLN: Provincetown (MA) schools will give condoms to any student who asks for them. That’s ANY student, including children in the FIRST GRADE.

The report also states that parents will NOT be able to opt their children out from this program. Additionally, no names of students will be recorded; there will be no “paper-trail.” In other words, parents in P-town have no parental rights in the P-town school system.

The long-held plan of “family planning” advocates (to teach sex to children as young as five years old) are now being realized in more ways and in more places than ever before. Does no one see how this will promote and help hide sexual abuse of children by older children or adults? Does no one care?

Click here to see a video of the news report.

2 thoughts on “Condoms for First Graders

    1. Parental Advisory: sexual innuendo contained in this reply.

      Thanks for asking, Jason. Here’s one of many possible scenarios.

      Young children are very susceptible to influence by other children or adults. Sometimes, children who are sexually abused don’t necessarily know that what they are doing, or what is being done to them, is wrong or harmful.

      So let’s say an older child (we’ll call him “Billy”) tells a younger child (we’ll call him “Johnny”) that they’re going to play a game. The first step of the game is for Johnny to ask the school nurse for a condom. She is not allowed to ask questions and cannot even note that Johnny received a condom. According to this policy the nurse definitely cannot tell Johnny’s parents that she gave him a condom.

      The next step is for Billy to tell Johnny that they’re going to play a game with the condom and see what they can use it for. I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

      The final step is for Billy to tell Johnny that this is their little secret and that Johnny should tell no one. In fact, if Johnny tells anyone, even his parents, then Billy won’t be able to play with him anymore. So Johnny doesn’t tell anyone, not even his parents, and he keeps getting condoms from the school nurse; and he and Billy keep playing their little game with Billy’s stick.

      By having a veil of secrecy and not recording who gets these condoms and by not allowing parents to opt their children out of the program, the stage has been set for a sexual predator to hide in plain sight. And the same might happen to little “Joanne.”

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