What will you do on Blog for Choice Day?

NARAL announced last week their 6th Annual “Blog for Choice Day” to celebrate the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Their stated goal is to get people “reading and talking about reproductive rights.”

NARAL wants Americans to celebrate the Roe decision that opened up abortion-on-demand in the U.S. during all nine months of pregnancy, but is that something to be celebrated? Because of that US Supreme Court decision, we currently have an estimated 1.2 million surgical abortions every year in the U.S. Since 1973, it is estimated that over 50 million babies have been aborted in America. Please note that these numbers do not include medicine abortions such as those deaths caused by RU-486.

And that’s the “choice” they want to celebrate.

So, pro-life bloggers are sponsoring a counter “Ask Them What They Mean When They Say ‘Choice’ Blog Day” on the same day, Friday, January 21.

The idea is simple: on that day, whenever you see a post or comment on  a blog, website, Facebook, or Twitter espousing how wonderful it is to be “pro-choice,” ask the author: What exactly is that choice you’re talking about?

From Jill Stanek’s blog:

Is it to eat carrots rather than broccoli? To wear red instead of blue? No, of course “choice” is code for killing babies. What’s their problem with the A-word?

Yes, this is a shameless scheme to suck oxygen out of the pro-aborts’ social media universe, to deny them any time whatsoever to support abortion without defending it.

Email Jill Stanek if you want your to show your support by adding your own blog to the growing list. Let’s make sure people know what they’re supporting when they say they are “pro-choice.”