Every Child a Wanted Child

When the Christian Post has a short article about this great pro-life ad from a lingerie manufacturer in Thailand, I was a little skeptical, but I watched the lengthy video (7 minutes) anyway. I was glad I did. The videos (there are three in total) were based on true stories and are part of Wacoal Thailand’s “My Beautiful Woman” campaign highlighting women in exceptional situations. Unfortunately, the US subsidiary, Wacoal America, doesn’t share the same values as the parent company.

Here’s the video that was highlighted by the Christian Post and which I watched first; the story involves a young unwed mother. Please watch the whole thing, you won’t regret it. And, yes, you’ll need a tissue.

Now, I’m in the Mid-Atlantic state of Virginia and we’re just watching the weather forecasts as a huge storm is bearing down on us threatening to dump the most snow on us in four years. So for a little break from that doom and gloom, I decided to watch the other two videos from Wacoal Thailand and I enjoyed them enough to think they ought to be shared with other pro-life folks.  So grab some more tissues and watch the other two movies.

I’ve been involved in life issues since 1997; and some folks have been involved much longer than I have and some folks have just jumped into the debate. Regardless of how much time you’ve spent talking about abortion and why it’s wrong, you will inevitably hear the usual objections and one of them is this: “I’m against abortion, but what about in the case of the mother having cancer.” Well, we must first understand that getting an abortion will have no effect on the cancer, the mother won’t be miraculously cured after the abortion. Additionally, studies are now showing that chemotherapy appears to have no adverse side effects on the baby after the first trimester. Therefore, abortion is won’t help the mother and chemotherapy can be started while she is still pregnant, no need to get an abortion just to start chemo.

The final movie is also a tear-jerker of sorts and it involves choices we make in our lives to serve others.

Well, that’s it! Three great advertisements from a company in Thailand that shows how precious human life is to us. I’d love it if they brought this type of campaign to the US, maybe it would make a difference in our culture of death.