Do Men Like Women?

To follow up on my recent post about women in combat, I read a post by Judithann Campbell on her blog, Why I Am Not A Feminist, and wanted to share it with you.  She asks the simple question: do men like women?

Recent polls show that most American men don’t have a problem with women in combat. Which causes me to wonder; do most men even like women? And if they do, then why are they supporting a measure which requires women to become like men? If most women stated that they found men who wear high heels and makeup just as attractive, if not more attractive, then men who dress like men, I would wonder whether those women really liked men. And when I hear that most men have no problem with putting women or even forcing women into combat, it causes me to wonder what is going on their minds.

Campbell asks some good questions and I think we should all think about this since American women, women who are supposed to nurture and bring forth human life, will soon be serving in positions where they will be expected to and required to kill other humans.

You can Campbell’s entire post by clicking here.

Thoughts on Chivalry

I was recently directed to a blog called Feminine Mystique because of an entry entitled “On Chivalry.” It was an interesting read which contained some thought-provoking statements, such as:

… Chivalry is necessary for patriarchy to function; chivalry is an intrinsic part of patriarchy.  Chivalry is the male expression of patriarchy; it is the man’s role in patriarchy.  The fundamental ethic of chivalry is that it is a man’s duty to provide for and protect women. …

Chivalry is an inherited duty on the part of men and it is an inherited privilege on the part of women.  Women do deserve chivalry in the sense of the woman’s role and purpose being something honorable and something desirable and something generous and kind and deserving of respect.  However chivalry is not something that is “deserved” in the sense of it being earned or based on superior merit or it being an expression of preferential treatment due to the woman’s good conduct. …

Chivalry is not done for the purpose of pleasing or gaining the approval of women.  Pleasing and gaining the approval of women is a side benefit that often accompanies chivalry but it is not its purpose.  The purpose of chivalry is the man maintaining his honor as a man.  Chivalry is meant to provide a benefit to the woman but it is not based on the desires of the woman. …

I’m not saying I agree with everything she wrote, but it quite interesting.  Click here to read the entire post.

P.S. – Thanks to “Why I Am Not A Feminist” for sharing the post.

Women in Combat and What Real Men Don’t Do

Last week, the Pentagon suddenly announced that women would be allowed to serve in direct combat. Where did this come from? Who was pushing for the right for women to kill someone? Why would someone WANT to do this, to purposely put yourself in a position where you would have to kill another human being?

After some reflection, I’ve decided that we shouldn’t be surprised by this action. Our society does not want to understand that men and women, although equal, are not the same. We are not the same biologically, physically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually. There’s no disputing these realities:

  • Men and women have different internal structures designed by God for different purposes (biologically);
  • Men and women have different capabilities in regards to strength and size–yes, there are women who are stronger than me, but the average woman is not as strong or big as the average man (physically);
  • Men and women have different feelings that emerge while experiencing the same situation (emotionally);
  • Men and women have different thought processes to handle the same situation (psychologically); and,
  • Men and women were given different roles to play in our families and our culture by God (spiritually).

Even if you don’t believe in God, you cannot brush away all the other differences between men and women. This DOES NOT mean that women are inferior to men and it DOES NOT mean that men are inferior to women. What it does mean is that men and women have different roles in society and when we blur those distinctions, then society suffers. And when society suffers, families and individuals suffer.

For example, women were created by God to be the bearers and nurturers of human life. That’s a biological fact that cannot be avoided. But when a woman, who has a desire to bring forth life, is told to go ahead and kill it instead, what is going through her mind? That’s the same paradox we have set up with legalized abortion in this country. A time that should be joyous (pregnancy) is now turned into an opportunity for the abortion clinic to make several hundred dollars and the woman is told that killing her child is the best thing that she could do in that situation.

Here’s another example: men were tasked by God to protect and defend women. But now that a woman will be the one defending herself and the man, he has no reason to step up and perform his role. I’m not saying that women shouldn’t be able to defend themselves, they should because men aren’t always available or able to do so, but if the woman takes the primary role, then what is the man to do? Allowing women to serve in direct combat doesn’t elevate the status of women but actually does the opposite, it devalues the woman because now they can be killed with no compunction since they are just another combatant.

This is also seen in today’s legal abortion culture. A man can get a woman pregnant and not have to take care of her or his child by telling the woman to get an abortion. This lack of duty or responsibility can also be seen in the low numbers of the younger generation getting married. For the men: why take on this responsibility when the women want to take care of themselves? For the women: why get married when the men are irresponsible and absent? Do you see the vicious circle we have created?

Author Linda Bartlett has written extensively about the roles of men and women and she has posted on her blog a four part series from an study on relationships that she wrote. The lesson is entitled, “Bearers and Defenders of Life.” You can read Part 1 by clicking here, Part 2 by clicking here, Part 3 by clicking here, and the Conclusion by clicking here.

WORLD magazine posted an interesting article on the topic, “Unwilling Warriors” (click here to read it) that describes some of the problems with women in combat. The most interesting fact they uncovered was the casualty rate comparison between mixed-gender combat units and all-male combat units.  Take a look at it and see if it makes any sense.

Finally, I’ve been following Public Catholic and she wrote recently about what real men DON’T do. I’ve put a link here to it because I think it falls along the same lines as what I’ve said above: men and women have God-given roles in our society and one of man’s roles is to protect and defend his family, including the baby in the womb. Here’s a link to “Real Men Don’t Kill Their Children,” but be forewarned that she has a picture of an aborted baby at the beginning of the post.

Updated 2 February 2013: added link to the conclusion of Bearers and Defenders of Life.

The Girl Scouts and Their Ungodly Agenda

This is not breaking news, but I wanted to share Chuck Colson’s commentary on the situation. You can read it in its entirety here by clicking here.

I’ve written in the past about the Girl Scout’s support of Planned Parenthood and sexual immorality (see What are the Girl Scouts Supporting?, The Girl Scouts Deny the Allegations, and If it Seems Like I’m Picking on the Girl Scouts…) but the Girl Scouts of Colorado have now taken it to a new low. They allow those who claim to be “transgender” to join the GIRL scouts.

The last time I checked, there is a biological definition of the words BOY and GIRL. It would have to do with how we’re physically made. But more importantly, it would have to do with created order and how God created and continues to create human life. Being a boy or a girl has little to do with how we FEEL.

From Colson’s commentary:

So apparently gender is based more on feelings and decisions rather than an unfair, arbitrary thing like anatomy or the science of biology. The dictionary, which defines “male” as being: “Of, relating to, or being the sex that has organs to produce sperm for fertilizing ova.” A secondary definition of “male” says “masculine.”

Such facts mean nothing amid today’s moral confusion.

Now, let me say that I’m not criticizing Bobby. I don’t know him, his home life, or anything about him other than what has been reported in the media. We all face challenges, and this is a real big one. But if Bobby can’t get clear guidance and help from his own family, not to mention society as a whole, he will likely face a lifetime of devastation.

Such help needs to begin by simply remembering that there is a moral as well as physical order to the universe. It’s inscribed on all creation. The Christian worldview clearly embraces an objective moral order, and living by this is the way to human flourishing.

A basic building block of the Christian worldview is found in Genesis chapter 1: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

And yet, the Girl Scouts decided it was okay to accept a BOY into the Girl Scouts because the boy’s parents have been allowing him to live his life as a girl. This just falls neatly into their ungodly agenda to rid all vestiges of God and Christian faith from this world.

Think about that the next time you buy cookies and what that organization you are supporting wants to do to your daughters.