Thoughts on Chivalry

I was recently directed to a blog called Feminine Mystique because of an entry entitled “On Chivalry.” It was an interesting read which contained some thought-provoking statements, such as:

… Chivalry is necessary for patriarchy to function; chivalry is an intrinsic part of patriarchy.  Chivalry is the male expression of patriarchy; it is the man’s role in patriarchy.  The fundamental ethic of chivalry is that it is a man’s duty to provide for and protect women. …

Chivalry is an inherited duty on the part of men and it is an inherited privilege on the part of women.  Women do deserve chivalry in the sense of the woman’s role and purpose being something honorable and something desirable and something generous and kind and deserving of respect.  However chivalry is not something that is “deserved” in the sense of it being earned or based on superior merit or it being an expression of preferential treatment due to the woman’s good conduct. …

Chivalry is not done for the purpose of pleasing or gaining the approval of women.  Pleasing and gaining the approval of women is a side benefit that often accompanies chivalry but it is not its purpose.  The purpose of chivalry is the man maintaining his honor as a man.  Chivalry is meant to provide a benefit to the woman but it is not based on the desires of the woman. …

I’m not saying I agree with everything she wrote, but it quite interesting.  Click here to read the entire post.

P.S. – Thanks to “Why I Am Not A Feminist” for sharing the post.

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