Do Men Like Women?

To follow up on my recent post about women in combat, I read a post by Judithann Campbell on her blog, Why I Am Not A Feminist, and wanted to share it with you.  She asks the simple question: do men like women?

Recent polls show that most American men don’t have a problem with women in combat. Which causes me to wonder; do most men even like women? And if they do, then why are they supporting a measure which requires women to become like men? If most women stated that they found men who wear high heels and makeup just as attractive, if not more attractive, then men who dress like men, I would wonder whether those women really liked men. And when I hear that most men have no problem with putting women or even forcing women into combat, it causes me to wonder what is going on their minds.

Campbell asks some good questions and I think we should all think about this since American women, women who are supposed to nurture and bring forth human life, will soon be serving in positions where they will be expected to and required to kill other humans.

You can Campbell’s entire post by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Do Men Like Women?

  1. I’m not sure that men’s acceptance of women in combat is a dislike. I’m not sure what it is, though. Maybe it’s an assumption than only a very few will pursue this?

    1. There are concerns on many levels. From personal experience, I can remember growing up in New York City when they first allowed female firefighters. The problem was that NYC lowered the physical requirements in order to allow women to serve, so they were no longer required to carry the same amount of weight the same distances that the male firefighters were required. That got me thinking about how lives would be put in danger with the different requirements. I realized then that, physically, the average woman cannot do the same as the average man and sometimes, it’s not such good idea to enforce gender equality. From what I’ve read, I think your correct in that people are assuming that on a very few will pursue this option. Other articles have made it clear that women in combat is an option and not mandatory.

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