Chicago Bubble Zone Law

On September 29, the Chicago city council passed a new law that severely restricts the ability to conduct sidewalk counseling and peaceful prayer vigils outside of abortion clinics.  You can read about the “bubble zone” law from WGN by clicking here.

Basically, within a 50-foot zone around the entrance of an abortion clinic, you cannot “come within 8 feet of another person to pass out fliers, display signs, vocally protest, educate or counsel without consent.”

But all is not lost. The ordinance can still be vetoed by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley.  His office has installed an automated answering system to tally the votes from the public on the ordinance. If you live in the Chicago area (or even if you don’t–I’ve been told they are taking phone calls from everyone), you can call the mayor’s office at 312.744.3300; press “1” to let the system know that you want to comment on the bubble zone law; and press “2” to register your vote against it.

For more information about the bubble zone law go to the Pro-Life Action League website by clicking here.