New Report on Pregnancy Resource Centers

Check out this new report on pregnancy resource centers called A Passion to Serve (click here to see report). The report was spearheaded by the Family Research Council in cooperation with the National Institute of Family & Life Advocates, CareNet, Life International, and Heartbeat International.

It provides a beautiful picture of the many hours that volunteers in the PRCs give to serve women and their children around the country. You can download a PDF version of the report. Better yet, purchase copies of the report to spread the word about the important work that these groups in our communities perform every day.

Why is this so important? Due to the success of campaigns like Live Action, Planned Parenthood clinics (the largest abortion provider in the US) have been denied city and state funding in various parts of the country. Click here to read a recent article about Tennessee denying funding to Planned Parenthood.

Now the pro-abortion groups are trying to use similar strategy to discredit PRCs. Click here to see a sample flier advertising one such contest. Click here to see the Feminist Majority Foundation’s plan to “expose” pregnancy resource centers as “fakes”.

Maybe it’s just me, but…if the issue were truly about “choice” why are the “pro-choice” (abortion) groups up in arms about informing women of all the choices available to them during an unplanned pregnancy?  Let’s help women find real choices by funding caring pregnancy resource centers that help women throughout their pregnancy and, very often, after birth, rather than push them to a single option solution to their crisis – abortion clinics where the only outcome is a dead baby and a wounded woman.