Chivalry, vulnerability and a woman’s heart

Reflections & Meditations

So, I’m out with someone of the male variety.

It is a chilly night, so he gives me his coat to wear. It is a little big on me, and everyone who sees us knows I’m being taken care of by this guy I’m with who’s now wearing only his shirt.

We walk around the V&A Waterfront trying to find a place to have dinner – he insists I pick the restaurant, seeing as it is my first time eating there.

I settle on a nice, casually type place where they serve gourmet burgers. He keeps the conversation flowing, checks regularly if I’m OK; if I want dessert; if I would like a sip of his drink to help with the sugar that went down the wrong way.

He takes charge of everything (and of course, pays for everything), so that for the first time ever, I need only just be there in the moment…

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