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I just wanted to share with you to blog posts I recently read.

From Public Catholic:

Wives, talk to your husbands. Husbands, listen to your wives.

And while you’re at it, forgive one another for the subtle differences between the sexes that make this post necessary. There’s a reason God made us like this. When husbands and wives cooperate with one another this way, love between them grows. Our differences, which can drive us apart if we are stupid about them, can also meld us together for life.

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From Why I am Not a Feminist:

Both feminists and men’s rights activists are singularly concerned with their rights; they become very hostile with anyone who brings up the issue of obligations, particularly the obligations of adults towards children. Common sense, everyday observations, and the traditions of every society that has ever existed indicate that men and women are different, and that what children need from their mothers is different from what they need from their fathers. A patriarchal society in which men work and run things and women focus on children is geared towards meeting the needs of children, but egalitarians don’t want to live in a society that is dedicated to the well being [sic] of children. They believe that society should be dedicated to making life fair for egalitarians.

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