Women as POWs

I was just browsing through the political cartoons at WORLD magazine when I ran across this one from earlier in the week.

Combat BarbieIt immediately struck me that no one has been talking about what would happen when one of our women combatants gets captured. How would that be used to compromise the morale of the soldiers in the field? How would that be used to compromise the political will of our government? How would that be used to compromise the morale of a nation who speaks out in support or against a war?

What will be our response when we see American women raped, tortured, battered, and killed?

In the mad dash to be seen as “enlightened,” “open-minded,” or whatever other term you want to use, we are becoming a nation that does not want to protect and provide for the women of this nation, which is contrary to a man’s natural desire (see Thoughts on Chivalry). But that’s hardly surprising since we don’t want to protect them anymore in any other way.

We have basically told men that its okay to use women as tools (pornography), are easily replaceable (hooking up/friends with  benefits), and are valueless if they become pregnant (40 years of legalized abortion leaving a legacy of over 55 million dead babies and countless women dealing with the aftereffects). Now we’re letting men off the hook again and throwing our women into the lion’s den of front line combatant.

4 thoughts on “Women as POWs

  1. Thank you for this post; feminists will say that male POWS can be raped and tortured as well, and a woman being raped and tortured is no worse than if it happened to a man. My question is, what happens when female POWs become pregnant? Will they be forced to get abortions by their captors? If they give birth, what will then happen to their children?

    1. Those are good questions, too, Judithann. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the current administration cares about the consequences.

      1. Thank you so much for speaking out on this issue, Ed; most conservatives don’t seem to be interested, and some like Marco Rubio have supported women in combat. Your chivalry is very much appreciated! 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you on this topic! In fact, I wrote about it myself at my blog southernrootsandnorthernblossoms.com in the post “Women in Combat.” Keep writing about what matters. I love it.

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